About Me


I like to solve problems through user-centered design thinking and a good story. A good day at the office involves pitching strategies, concepting big ideas, and designing how they both fit together. I enjoy creating digital products and physical installations that provide utility and joy to users. My penchant for being curious leads me to try different approaches when designing solutions to problems and it ensures that I’m always learning.

Not Business

Growing up I wanted to work in film, either by being an actor, a writer, or a director. I think it was because I wanted to be a part of the storytelling. In going to the Brandcenter and discussing what makes good advertising, the conclusion was always that good advertising can only come from a good story. I think that as the UX discipline continues to grow, storytelling will be one of the tenants of user-centered design thinking. It doesn’t matter how simple the functionality or how responsive a product is if the story behind it sucks.

I like to push myself out of my comfort zone and to make people laugh. A few years ago, at the Brandcenter talent show, I co-wrote and performed a parody of Sam Smith’s R&B-gospel song, “Stay With Me,” (evidence on the homepage) and the year before that I did standup comedy in my bathrobe. When asked if I would be willing to play a Russian grandmother for a TV spot, I said only if I didn’t have to shave my beard.

Plus Ones

My buddy Duncan Hoge and I created a physical prototype and TV spot to promote the Movember Foundation, an organization that promotes men’s health. I helped concept for the idea, wrote the script, did the voiceover, and created the Instructables page. This project was an editor’s choice and was featured on the Instructables home page.

To promote VCU’s short-lived stint in the NCAA tournament, I acted for this parody of Portlandia’s “Put a Bird On It.” I enjoyed ad libbing lines and creating the character, Whistle.