Account Servicing Solutions

Build intuitive tools that allow customers and staff to interact with HSBC products and services.


Projects Overview

01: Challenge

  • Create responsive design solutions that are accessible for multiple users: customers, in-branch staff, and call center staff.
  • Understand limitations and opportunities of current legacy systems.
  • Evaluate competitors to determine best practices and areas of opportunity.

02: Approach

  • Conducted in-person interviews to gather data and create insights.
  • Analyzed experiences for top competitors and out-of-category influencers.
  • Created high-level user flows for multiple projects.
  • Iterated multiple rounds of sketches, wireframes, and client presentations.
  • Collaborated with development parters.

03: Outcome

  • Was exposed to a variety of projects that touched on multiple aspects of the company’s digital infrastructure.
  • Produced intuitive and responsive solutions that were accessible to all user types across all platforms.
  • Worked successfully alongside international design teams.


Unfortunately, the work that I completed for HSBC is confidential. Please email me with specific requests for what you would like to see regarding projects I worked on, my process, or UX deliverables. I would be happy to answer questions and share a few pieces with you.

Squad: AnalogFolk NY

Anna Farrell

Sr. UX Designer / UX Lead

Ben Howarth

Design Director

Caty Reid

Senior Integrated Producer

Kory Rozich

Jr. UX Designer

My Role

  • Assisted in conducting content and UX audits for top competitors and out-of-category influencers.
  • Took the lead on all UX deliverables (sketches, user flows, wireframes, & func specs).
  • Regularly presented all UX documentation to client teams.
  • Conducted guerilla user interviews and card sorting by bribing target audiences with free coffee.
  • Participated in weekly status calls with client and dev teams to field questions and ensure functionality was being implemented correctly.
  • Worked with the London office to concept for a future-focused mobile project.